Actor - Voice Over Artist - Singer - Autoharpist

A lil' bit about lil' ole me:

I'm Jessie Kane Gill, a tiny girl from Cleveland, Ohio. I studied at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Go violets! (.... bobcats? did we have a mascot or any sports?). I'm a current subscriber to Baking Quarterly, member of the Hats Enthusiast Society, and a big fan of any instagram account that features dogs. When I'm not acting/singing/dancing/playing the autoharp/ukulele/cello, I'm attempting to crochet scarves that end up having too many holes for really any season or adding to my book collection that is far too large for my closet-sized apartment. I love my family, helping people, and beef jerky from Ohio. 

Oh, hello! Hate scrolling & want to see my reel/resume/headshot and/or contact me? You're in luck! I used links and built this website.